I was about to hire someone to layout footers for a storage building on my property. Decided to give this footer square a try and I am impressed! Not only did it save me a lot of money in labor, but now I know how to layout footers and look forward to using it for many other things around the house. I love multi tools and this is one heck of a multi tool! With the instructions given on the packaging, I was able to have footers laid out for a 10”x20’ building in a matter of minutes. This simple tool has so many uses and I can’t wait to start on more projects around the house. Even if you aren’t the best handy man, give this footer square a try because I know if I can do it, you can too. The quality is amazing and it is a great product! I would recommend this to anyone needing to layout footers, foundation, or roof rafters for their home. I will be buying several more of these for buddies to try.
— Amazon Customer
This is the simplest way to lay out footers. I highly recommend.
— Bob Build, Amazon Customer
This square is amazing! Every carpenter need one!
— Tyler Stanley, Amazon Customer